Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Safety comes first for wise in every domain of life. For a rider, the motorcycle helmet is probably the only thing that can be the difference between life and death. In this context, various companies are providing helmets, but recognizing the best motorcycle helmet brands is indispensable.

After a lot of research and exploration, we are in a position to answer this question, which is the best motorcycle helmet. In this regard, we have chosen the best brands for effective motorcycle helmets. Before going directly to them, have a look at the buyer’s guide.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands Buyers – Guide:

You need to know what makes a helmet manufacturing company stand out among various others. Below are some parameters that contribute to the reliability of brands if property observed.

  • Safety and Comfort.
  • Guarantee/Warranty.

These factors can judge any manufacturing brand’s motorcycle helmet. The following brands enlisted are in light of the above parameters.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands – Enlisting:

1. SHOEI Helmets:

Did you want to know the best brand, Right?

Shoei is one of the best and recognized helmet manufacturing companies. This brand is a globe based company with prominent services in countries like Europe, North America, Japan, and Asia. Talking about set up, Shoei has roots in Tokyo, Japan, and from the very start, it is focusing on motorcycle helmets.

Moreover, this company is well known for its comfortable and safe motorcycle helmets equipped with the latest technology. The introduction of unique features, particularly in the entertainment dimension, is its notable achievement.

Likewise, lightweight helmets are the specialty of Shoei, and in 2010 this remarkable brand launches the QWEST helmet, which is widely known as the best motorcycle helmet ever. Moreover, along with that GRV helmet of this company is worth mention here.

On the other side of the coin, Shoei provides helmet on a little higher side but with the best durability. Justifying the price for this brand is very easy under its five years warranty.

2. BELL Helmets:

Bell is the longest-running US-based helmet manufacturing company with the establishment in California almost 70 years back in 1954. By that time, this brand is providing people with the best helmets regardless of their ride.

Bell has a very scattered horizon in terms of helmet diversity. This company makes helmets for bicycling, automobile racing, and, most importantly, motorcycling. Bell keeps safety as a priority in their helmets; that’s why it has a partnership with several entities including, IMBA, Safe Kids Worldwide, and Bikes Belong.

Furthermore, under their long run as a helmet manufacturing brand, it has diversity in its products. BELL is an expert in innovating several designs, texture, appearances, and weight helmets. This company offers a blend in price ranging from moderately low to reaching high, but warranties it is providing with the helmets justifies at what they are best.

The Race Star, Pro Star, and Bullitt Carbon are some of the most popular helmets made by Bell, and one can consider them as the best motorcycle helmets of 2020. It does not matter whether you are looking for a full-face helmet or an open-face BELL provides you with something that suits your desires.

3. HJC Helmets:

Let me tell you the safest brand.

Dissimilar to its most counterparts, HJC is keen to develop the safest possible helmets. It has been 45 years now with no sign of dropping their pace. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible protection in terms of durable helmets. Hence, one can quickly credit this company for producing the safest motorcycle helmet.

This brand came into being in 1971 to provide riders with safe and comfortable helmets at a reasonable price. This thing is worth saying here that this company has settled his reputation as the best brand, mainly in North America since 1992. The recognition this brand possesses is by its helmet tests in the laboratory as well as the real-world environment.

Moving forward, HJC is known for its FG Series Helmets, which are available in various weight ranges, mainly from mid to lightweight and primarily composed of fiberglass. Moreover, this company is also known for different categories of the helmet-like full face, open face, and many more. The best thing one will get with this brand helmets is safety assurance up to a great extent at affordable prices.

4. ARAI Helmets:

Enlisting another fabulous and fantastic brand of helmets, ARAI over the years has produced many quality products meeting with modern technology. Despite being abides by DOT and Snell standard, this brand has its own set of guidelines and minimum standards by keeping the contemporary scenario in mind.

Firstly, based on this different approach, they produce helmets that are much higher in standard than that of their competitors in the market. Customer satisfaction is what this brand strives for and tries never to let down its buyer.

Another important and unique element of this company is by hand manufacturing of helmets. This, by hand-making, results in diversity and makes their helmets suitable for a wide range of activities like dirt biking and motorcycling.

Furthermore, ARAI offers a peak in terms of prices as their helmets well worth it. This price hike is backed by five years of warranty and offers excellent value.  Corsair, Vector, and VX are some of their best helmet series.

5. SHARK Helmets

Lastly, the helmet brand that is well noticing is of former professional racers. SHARK is France based company with a global distribution network of over 5,000 outlets.  This brand always wanted to remain on top by meeting the latest technological needs. Their helmets are moderately affordable and do not hurt the wallet like Shoei ones.

SHARK provides five years warranty with them each manufactured product. Their monitoring system is very organized; every helmet’s supervision is done by the supervisor from beginning to end with keen interest. This monitoring ensures performance rating, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, SHARK has been hanging around as a helmet manufacturing brand form the last 25 years. They are considered top leaders in the motorcycle helmet industry. As you know, one designs every helmet for specific roles. They have produced the best beginner motorcycle helmet. Some of their best offerings are Evoline modular, R Pro Carbon, and Speed R 2 Pro series.

Final Verdict:

Summarizing, every Helmet brand enlisted above comes with a unique specialty. Some of them focus on comfort while others safety. You can ensure the best helmet brand pick by synchronizing your needs and requirements with the best offering of these helmet producing companies.

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