Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

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A motorcycle helmet is one of the integral parts of your riding sessions. When it comes to women motorcyclists, they are fussy about their helmets and always crave for the best one. Digging into the best women’s motorcycle helmet in terms of size, color, and quality is indeed time-consuming.

We are here to make your search manageable. The following account of the best motorcycle helmet and a buying guide will thoroughly enlighten you about your next purchase. Our top picks have earned the respect of thousands of users. They are undoubtedly the best combo of form and function.

Let’s get to the list without any further ado.

List of Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

1. Vega Helmets Half Motorcycle Helmet (Women’s Motorcycle Half Helmets)

The first top pick is presented by none other than Vega Helmets. The unisex adult helmet appears with an EPS liner, which is wholly vented. It offers you ultra-comfort plus safety along the way.

Likewise, the tech Wick-Dri liner ensures that you remain moisture free and comfortable. The sun shield is terrible to prevent you from bugs, UV rays, and rainy weather.

If we talk about the release strap, it is easily manageable even with gloved hands. Furthermore, the bag holds a custom fit dial adjuster that allows you to obtain a custom fit.

Key specifications

  • Warranty            5 years
  • Brand                  Vega Helmets
  • Weight                2.2 pounds
  • Certification       DOT


  • Offers a variety of sizes
  • DOT certified
  • 5 years warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to manage the design


  • Half face helmet is suitable for short rides.

2.  LS2 Full Face Helmet

Our next pick is presented by LS2 brand, which is not only lightweight but highly practical in terms of use.

For your comfort, the helmet’s shell is crafted in High Performance Fiberglass Composite (HPFC). The material is sturdy and safe without getting bulky.

In addition, the full-face helmet holds a long oval design to provide the most protection. Best of all, the helmet contains a double ventilation system with dual chin and top vents. It allows the wearer to remain cool without accumulating fog.

The cherry on the top is 3 helmets shell sizes for all-day comfort. Some other perks include a removable liner, twin shield system, and UV resistant shield.

Key Specifications

  • Shell Composition      High-Performance fiberglass composite Brand LS2
  • Weight                            3.4 pounds
  • Shield                             Scratch and UV resistant, Anti-fog
  • Fitting                            3 shell sizes
  • Certification                  DOT


  • Offers 3 outer shell sizes
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Double ventilation system
  • Quick-release strap
  • The glow in the dark enhances visibility


  • Sun visor is average

3. Vega Helmets Open Face Helmet

Vega helmets brand proudly presents a unisex helmet with retro style and advanced specs. Crafted in ABS thermoplastic alloy shell, it appears with four exciting graphics.

Wear your Vega helmet with confidence because it meets the safety regulations of US DOT.

Moreover, the refined look comes with a fit shell design that sits low on the head. Besides that, you will get an antimicrobial moisture-wicking liner feature. It keeps the rider cool and dry simultaneously.

With just 2.3 lbs of weight, the helmet gives you fatigue-free long commutes. Other striking features include a padded ring strap, 5 snaps with included 3-snap shorty visor.

Key Specifications

  • Shell composition       ABS Thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Brand                            Vega Helmets
  • Weight                         2.3 pounds
  • Certification                DOT


  • Great fitting helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Awesome graphics


  • Tight-fitting may urge you to go for bigger size.

4. Bell Qualifier Helmet

The safest motorcycle helmet features an aerodynamic exterior crafted in polycarbonate. It makes the helmet a durable choice for extended use.

What’s more, the padded wind collar keeps road noise and wind away from the rider. Also, the wearer feels comfortable with contoured cheek pads.

Additionally, with the removable interior, the helmet is easily washable. A DOT approved product for your riding session appears with the Click Release shield system. It makes the use quite faster and more comfortable for the rider.

Key Specifications

  • Shell composition   ABS Composite Shell
  • Brand                        BELL
  • Weight                     2.1 pounds
  • Certification            DOT


  • 3 shell and EPS style
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and rightly fitted
  • DOT certified with a 5-year warranty


  • Transparent visor, instead of dark

5. FreedCom Bluetooth Helmet

The built-in Bluetooth 3.0 feature makes this helmet a deadly choice among the list. Stay connected to the triangle of your besties within 500m distance. Besides, you can enjoy your favorite audio during the commute. The best team communication is the selling point of the helmet.

The upgraded ventilation system of the helmet is the icing on the cake. Get maximum comfort while you are riding and keep your commute smooth.

What’s more, with 1 multifunctional button, you can control calls, MP3 audio, FM radio, and GPS navigation.

Key Specifications

  • Brand                     FreedCom
  • Weight                   5.8 pounds
  • Certification          DOT
  • Other Features     Bluetooth with 500meters range


  • Helmet with a washable liner
  • Advanced specs
  • Best team communication
  • Easy 1 button control
  • Intercom feature


  • Bit heavy

Things to Consider Before Buying best women’s motorcycle helmet

Are you committing to a helmet purchase? Well, hold up a minute. If you want to invest your money in the right place, here come a few prerequisites one should go through before making a purchase.

The following aspects are mandatory to consider before opting for any helmet.  After all, you would not like your hard-earned money go wasted in the wrong place.

So here you go.

Style and Riding Conditions

There are various kinds of helmets accessible in the market—the full-face helmets, helmets with bling, modular, and so on. The full-face helmets provide ultra-protection from the top of the head to your chin. Then, there comes a three-quarter helmet that generally contains a visor and covers your head along with ears. A brain bucket or half face helmet covers the skull and lacks visor.

The first kind suits best to the professionals while providing the most protection. The second type is comfortable for most of the wearers. And if you want to ride around the city, the half brain bucket does the job well.

Size and Comfort

Helmet sizing is the second most crucial aspect before you select any helmet. Usually, the helmets made for women are smaller in size as compared to men. This is because of the difference in the head size of both genders.

Make sure that your next purchase is neither too loose, not too tight. It must be comfy and light in wearing. The tight ones can cause headaches, and the loose ones kill the purpose of wearing it. Have a satisfactory review of the sizing chart before you pay for your purchase.

Safety Standards

In the US, a certified helmet always consists of a safety standard logo by the department of transportation. You can find the DOT logo being displayed on the back of the valid helmet. We will urge you to always go for the reliable choice for riding sessions.

Wrapping it Up

After extensive research, the top motorcycle helmets are presented with their authentic pros and cons. Our sole purpose is to make your search more convenient in the crowded market of helmets. While considering your needs and circumstances, you can go for the best women’s motorcycle helmet and enjoy your ride. Good luck!

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