Motorcycle Helmet Lock

A motorcycle helmet lock is an essential part of your bike ride compared to any other, keeping protection in front. You cannot carry your helmet with yourself, nor can you wear it in the period you are off from riding. A motorcycle helmet lock enables you to tie it with your bike when you arrived at your destination.

A question that bothers riders:

There is a thing that almost every rider thinks of, what to do with a motorcycle helmet after being done with a bike ride. One certainly cannot wear it in a grocery store or keep it as a lunch box with their selves in the office.

You have spent a handsome amount of money on buying the best motorcycle helmet and learn how to lock a bike. There is a dire need for a motorcycle helmet lock to keep this helmet where it belongs. In this article, we are going through the top three helmet locks to find out the one that fits your needs both in terms of budget and durability.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock – Buyers’ Guide:

There are certain factors or elements that you should know about the helmet locks before investing in any product category. There is a question of commonality:

What to look for in the Motorcycle Helmet lock?

The following are the factors that act as score markers or judging characteristics for any motorcycle helmet lock. (Where applicable)

  • Construction Material.
  • Cable Length.
  • Weatherproof Nature.
  • Locking Mechanism.
  • Weight
  • Portability

Evaluate products keenly while going down by keeping in mind all the factors listed above to pick a suitable and budget in range helmet lock for your best brand motorcycle helmet.

List of  Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock – Product Specifications:

1. Helmet lock 4101 Rubberized:

Starting with the most durable material, the first product that stands on our list after a lot of research and exploration is named as Helmetlok 4101 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock.

Firstly, this helmet does not permanently attach to the bike you ride, thus making it an easy option to carry it around with you. It forms D-Shackle that locks your Harley Davidson helmet or any other.

Furthermore, this product is compact and on the same saying very durable and advance. The construction material is zinc alloy, which usually comes with plastic coating to protect this product. Hence, protection is ensured.

Moreover, Lock is pivoted outwards, which allows for the capacity of large diameter to be locked in. On the other hand, a pin code combination removes the key hustle for an unlocking mechanism.

Prominent Features:

  • Locking Mechanism                         Digital pin code
  • Construction Material                      Zinc Alloy
  • Portability                                           Light-weight (Easily carry able)
  • Weather protection                           Rubber coating combat weather changes


  • Greater Helmet Holding Capacity
  • Digital Mechanism kicked keys out from Scenario.
  • Easy portability.
  • Basic and Straight forward to setup.


  • People often question digital locks in terms of security.
  • The aluminium proportion in zinc alloy is not considerable.

2. Biker’s Choice Helmet Lock:

Taking a transition from a digital mode of operation to analogue one, second on our list is chrome platted durable motorcycle helmet lock. Biker’s choice went entirely on a different route to manufacture this design.

Firstly, this Lock comes with the capacity to fit tubing between 7/8 to 1-1/4 inches. By this versatile handling feature, you can apply this lock set to any of your helmet range in terms of length and width.

Moreover, the primary key mechanism avoids any sort of confusion while installing. Furthermore, the package includes all the necessary hardware that is needed for installation. Hence, guarantee easy installation.

On the other hand, this Lock could have been more effective if stainless steel has used, but the tamper-proof screws back it up and provide safety to your helmet.

Prominent Features:

  • Construction Material                    Metal Blend
  • Weather protection                        Moderately Competitive to Weather Conditions
  • Locking Mechanism                       Key Locking Mechanism
  • Portability                                         8 ounces weight (Limited movement ensured)


  • Chrome Plating.
  • Temper- Proof Screws.
  • Diverse tubing.


  • Stainless steel is missing.

3. FJM Security SX-645 Combination Universal Cable Lock:

Last but not least is a cable helmet lock, which is almost 80 inches long with thickness around 2000 mm. This product is a versatile long cable that can be used to lock any kind of motorcycle helmet. Therefore, valid at any motorcycle lock.

Similarly, it operates digitally. You can set our combination of pin and alter it any time you want. It is pretty easy to work in this context.

Moreover, taking about durability, this FJM Security lock combination has vinyl chloride super-tough wire that is not likely to break in most of the scenarios.

Furthermore, there is a loop at the very end of the cable that you can use for the secure locking of helmets. Similarly, other stationary objects can also be locked.

Prominent Features:

  • Locking Mechanism                         Digital Pin Code
  • Construction Material                     Vinyl Chloride Cable
  • Portability                                          Easiest portability, negligible weight
  • Cable Length                                     80 inches long


  • Utmost security with 10.000 possible pin combinations
  • Vinyl Chloride airplane Cable.
  • Easy portability both at locking and carrying
  • 5-star rating on Amazon.


  • Tiny Reset Screw
  • Sellers do not usually trust these cables.

Author Recommendation:

No one can compel others to invest his earning anywhere, but one certainly can give expert advice.

Did you notice?

The three top motorcycle helmet locks are from three different categories, starting from digital pin lock mechanism, then a transition to an analog mode of locking, and finally, an easily portable cable lock.

Firstly, if you are comfortable at keeping key in your pocket and do not like to carry Lock around, and then go for Biker’s choice lock.

On the other hand, if you are a digital kind of person with a moderate lock movement, then Helmetlok 4101 Rubberized will suit you best.

Likewise, if you are in routine to carry Lock around, then the listed cable wire lock is something you need to invest in the amount you have.


In short, every helmet lock enlisted above represents a different class of locks and is very best of them. Moreover, make sure to go through buyers’ guide for the parameters that fill you with enough knowledge to select the best motorcycle helmet lock for yourself. Summarizing, choose what suits you, and keep your best brand motorcycle helmet safe and sound.

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